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Player: Re
Email: awhirlingwind [@] gmail
IRC: Berry, Bluebird
Plurk: [ profile] noteaforre
Timezone: GMT
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Day and time in the subject line! ♥ FOR ALL YOUR CANDLECALL-Y NEEDS.
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Aoko won't be leaving on her quest until Thursday the 13th OOCly! ICly, teammates, canonmates, and other friends will have been made aware that she's heading out to help Firebird with some stuff. Sapphire, Kaito, and Kira get candles!

Sapphire, she is also leaving you with:

- Handmade, embroidered scarves! Mau's has a pattern of boats and dolphins; Selenia's is musically themed and also features selenia flowers; Yuki's has Kamen Rider all over it; Apple's features an intricate pattern of plants and flowers.


- A completed garden arch with plant boxes and pretty climbing flowers growing up it. Also, some rose seeds.

Court Info

Dec. 3rd, 2013 08:21 pm
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Coco (Nakamori Aoko)
Canon DCMK (Deco PG)
Rank Pawn
Description A slight, fluffy haired girl with a plethora of scars. She's most often seen wearing a long, teal-colored scarf.

★ Using the name Aoko. ($$♥♥♥)
★ Using her telekinesis. ($♥)
★ Flirting. (♥) → ($♥♥)
★ Platonic physical affection. (♥) → accepting ($$♥)
★ Sleeping regularly ($$♥)
★ Comedic violence!! ($♥) → with mops ($$♥♥)
★ ACTUAL violence. ($$$$♥)
★ Cooking. (♥$)
★ Being a busybody. ($$♥♥)
★ Standing up for Aoko's principles. ($$$♥♥♥)
★ Emotional honesty. ($$$♥♥♥)
★ Giving advice ($♥) → following advice ($$♥)

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It has been a while! So, question meme for:

@ [community profile] aather
Nakamori Aoko (Berry)
Tena Fortissian (Starling)

@ [community profile] kyriakos
Bluebird (Raven)

COME AT ME, BROS. Feel free to ask for other memes (IC expressions, CR by numbers, dots, etc)!
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Memory: Neutral Negative: Hakuba vs. Kaito: Date Contest
Regained: 271
Notes: Form is one of the memory-sharing stones. You and another person must each hold part of the stone to see the memory. Both characters will see it, but it will be more vivid for the person whose memory it is. [UNTAKEN]

Here to here

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Memory: Significant Neutral: Kid was shot out of the skyyyy.
Regained: 272
Notes: Memories come in the form of a sticky candy wrapper. Lick it to view your memory. [3/3] [UNTAKEN]

HEADCANONNnnnnn based on the third movie.

D8 )
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Memory: Positive Neutral: The Street Magician
Regained: 274
Notes: in the form of small hearts (as in real meaty hearts) - no bigger than your thumb but . . . they'll be a little chewy, it might be best to swallow whole one use. [UNTAKEN]

Here to here

That's why you should let me level up . . . )
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Memory: Neutral Trivial: Valenkenstein . . .
Regained: 276
Notes: Memories come in the form of five pieces of team-colored candies, one from each Personae. The candies are flavored to your team (Peridot is lime, Tiger's Eye is lemon, Sapphire is blueberry, etc). [4/5]


You're kidding. )
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Memory: Positive Neutral: Thank you for being you.
Regained: Day 76; Dealer
Notes: Memories come in the form of four photos stapled together. These pictures are of Tavros, Dawn, Steel, and Lace. Tear the photo in half to regain memory. (4/4) [UNTAKEN]

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Memory: Neutral Trivial: Waking up; Asou-sensei's research.
Regained: Day 267.
Notes: Cigarettes. Light it to see memory. [UNTAKEN]


You look pretty guilty to me!! )
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Memory: Neutral Negative: It's torture.
Regained: Day 70; Bone Witch and Hero Archetype.
Notes: Memory form is an eyeball hackey sack bounce it against some part of your body to use. [4/5]

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Memory: Neutral Neutral: Ruby and the Heist.
Regained: Day 265.
Notes: Memories come in the form of tin statues of horses that can fit in your palm. Wind the base once, and it will spin around for one memory. (3/4)

Here to here, EXCLUDING the parts she's not in, but including the offscreen elevator ride.

Hellooooo, didn't you name me Aoko because of Sapphire's blue? )
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Memory: Trivial Positive: Kaito accepting the Tropical Land date.
Regained: Day 264
Notes: Come in the form of a small penguin stuffed animal. Squeeze it for your memory. [UNTAKEN]

Here to here, EXCLUDING the flashback.

It's a promise! )
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Memory: Trivial Negative: Kaito's a pervert.
Regained: Day 70; Bone Witch and Hero Archetype.
Notes: Memories come in the form of a sparkly magical girl wand, tap someone to use it! (6/6) [UNTAKEN]

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It has been a month or two . . . ! I'll also accept icon memes, CR by numbers, CR dots, ECards, and anything else!

Aather: Berry
Decollage: Coco, Yuffie
Thusia: Aoko, Bluebird
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Memory: Trivial Negative: Return from Pandora
Regained: Day 68; Just Desserts
Notes: Bubblewrap! Pop a bubble to view the memory. (5/6)

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Memory: Trivial Neutral: SURE AM A DOG.
Regained: Day 67; Shadows on the Wall
Notes: An old timey hat that looks uniquely dashing. (2/3)

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Memory: Neutral Positive: A mini magic show.
Regained: Day 58; Kiss & Tell
Notes: A circle shaped biscuit - Eat to regain your memory!

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Memory: Trivial Neutral: Hakuba's invitation
Regained: Day 260
Notes: Memories come in the form of a candied apple. It's already divided into six pieces for you, giving everyone six uses. [5/6]

Here to here.

Kaito! Don't do anything perverted to Akako-chan! )
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Memory: Significant Positive: Birthday with the Kurobas
Regained: Day 260
Notes: Memories are in the form of a plain wooden handle that looks like it broke off a crank of some kind. Turn it in the air one full circle to get your memory. [3/3] [UNTAKEN]

Happy Birthday, Aoko! )
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Memory: Neutral Negative: Knocked out by Silver.
Regained: Day 253.
Notes: Comes in the form of a small crystal. Breathe on it to receive the memory. Non-shareable.

To think a ship like this was sunk underwater . . . )
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Memory: Significant Neutral: Unspoken confirmation.
Regained: Day 57; Game 40
Notes: AWESOME SKULL RINGS. Wear to receive memory. [3/4]

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Memory: Neutral Neutral: Memories and mafia'ing.
Regained: Day 56; Game 39
Notes: Memories and skills come in the form of leather collars in the color of the winning teams and are received by putting the collar on. Viewable up to 7 times. (7/7) [NOT TAKEN]

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I AM BORED I want to do question meme things!

This is for:

Aather: Berry
Decollage: Coco
Thusia: Aoko, Dash (Aella)
Museboxes: Bluebird (Nalea), Soleil, Yuffie
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Memory: Neutral Positive: The Adult Spell
Regained: Day 248.
Notes: Memories are in the forms of apples. Non-shareable.

It's a charm! )
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Memory: Significant Negative: PTSD
Regained: Day 54; Game 38
Notes: Memories come in the form of marble candy, three to a bag. Swallow them to ingest memories. 3 uses. [2/3]

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Memory: Significant Negative: Three's Game Revival
Regained: Day 52; Game 37
Notes: Memories/Skills come in the form of a tea bag (Earl Grey flavoured) that looks like a tampon. :) Drink in order to regain your memory/skill. Good for one use.

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Memory: Neutral Neutral: Tropical Land date: Part 1.
Regained: Day 246
Notes: Memories come in the form of bling! Rings for the people who have hands and fingers; leg cuffs for the less humanoid folks. They're shaped like this, but made entirely of copper save for the bird's eye, which is an inset of your team stone or metal. (3/3)

Kaito sure is late . . .  )
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Skill: Basic self-defense.
Regained: Day 244
Notes: Skills come in the form of a slice of bread. It's a little stale, but edible.

+ Because she has a protective police inspector for a father . . .
+ She's been training with Ling for a while now, but with this skill she's going to go from 'okay' to ':|b' when it comes to self-defense techniques.
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Memory: Trivial Negative: The boy who bet on the ball.
Regained: Day 241
Notes: Memories come in the form of a bunch of ripe cherries. Three cherries in the bunch. (2/3)

You look awfully happy about something . . .  )
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Memory: Significant Neutral - Kaito agreeing to a date.
Regained: Day 48; Game 36
Notes: memories come in the form of old, tarnished jewelry/treasure, useable for five uses. (4/5)

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CR Meme!

Apr. 24th, 2013 07:31 pm
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Relationship dots meme!

Comment here, listing your characters, and which of my characters they know. I'll reply with an affection~ meter~ to let you know what how they feel about you.

In terms of progression, it goes red --> blue --> yellow --> pink, with 1-5 dots signifying how close you are to moving to the next level.

Berry @ Aather
Coco @ Deco
Aoko @ Thusia.
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Memory: Significant Negative: Kaito peeking at her in the bath.
Regained: Day 241
Notes: You get a small bag of popcorn, tied with a ribbon in your team colors. Six pieces of popcorn; eat one for a memory. (5/6)

Kya! )
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Memory: Neutral neutral: Are you an idealist?
Regained: Day 47; Game 35
Notes: The memories and skills come in the form of dates, one per person. Eat it to receive your memory/skill [0/1]

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Memory: Neutral Negative: Saving Mouse from Monsters
Regained: Day 46; Game 34
Notes: A small bottle of Kool-Aid-tasting potion in Teal, labeled with a rather poor drawing of Coco. Take a drink to receive your memory. For as many uses as you can make it last.

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Skill: First Aid
Regained: Day
Notes: Skills come in the form of a ripe pear.

+ General upgrade in her ability to administer first aid. Burn treatment, recovery position, splinting broken bones, etc.
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Memory: Neutral Neutral: Don't leave me alone again.
Regained: Day
Notes: Hand-mirror.

Where did you go?! )
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Memory: Significant Positive: Fight on the beach.
Regained: Day 41; Game 31
Notes: Memories come in the form of a gold-wrapped chocolate coin.
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Memory: Significant Negative: Kit's ruby.
Regained: Day 38; Game 29
Notes: Memories are in the form of a cluster of three team colored berries. (3/3)

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Mar. 15th, 2013 06:08 am
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QUESTION MEME and IC icon/expression meme for Berry at Aather and Coco at Decollage. And Thusia too I guess '3'
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When: Day 38+
What: GM GAME o9"
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Memory: Significant Neutral: Birthday Promises
Regained: Day 229; Game ---
Notes: One fake diamond half. Must be broken to view memory. This will be surprisingly easy due to UNICORN MAGIC.

I'll never forgive him! )
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Memory: Significant Positive
Regained: Day 228; Game
Notes: Memories come in the form of a miniature goblet, with a slightly less miniature glass vial. Fill the goblet and drink to receive your memory. (3/3)

I need to know!! )
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Memory: Neutral Trivial: I don't want anyone to think we're dating!
Regained: Day 227; Game
Notes: A bag of six team-colored fruit candies, tied with a bright ribbon! (6/6)

Stop staring at me! )
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Memory: Frost's return and mistletoe revelations.
Regained: Day 26; Game 20
Notes: Memories come in the form of the fang of some sort of animal. When picked up, you will get the sense that pricking yourself with it will allow you to see the memory. (6/6)

Thread with Frost
Thread with Kaito
Thread with Ling
Thread with Mouse
A thread with Apple that was buried somewhere!

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Memory: Negative Trivial: The concert
Regained: Day---; Game ---

This is really boring. )
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Memory: Neutral Significant: The Clock Tower Heist.
Regained: Day 2--; Game ---

Kid, go home! )